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25 Best Youtube Video Ideas to Make Money through YouTube

In this post I have shared a list of good Youtube video ideas that can help you to make money through YouTube. Youtube is one of the most visited websites in the world.  Youtube is a great place to make money easily, just by uploading videos. Most people don’t know what kind of video to upload; this post is a solution for that, I have listed 25 ideas for Youtube videos. You can use these ideas to create Youtube videos that can make money.

Youtube is the most popular site to stream videos online; anyone can upload a video in Youtube. You can make money through Youtube partner program. Youtube can make you popular and rich easily, just upload videos that can go viral. There are more than a million YouTube channels; it’s hard to become the best among these. You must concentrate on a particular topic for creating YouTube videos, which have high search volume but low competitors; in this list all the ideas for Youtube videos are getting good search volume.

Best Youtube video ideas

There are 25 YouTube video ideas in this list; every single idea for YouTube video is having high search volume and low competitors. Creating a professional looking YouTube video is important to get more subscribers. The ideas for YouTube videos are,
  • “How to” video: Create “how to” videos on any topic that you know about, how to videos are very popular. There are many popular how to videos in YouTube that got more than a million hits.
  • Prank videos: Prank videos are very popular in YouTube, They can easily go viral. People love to see funny videos. If you are able to create funny prank videos then you can get millions of hits easily.
  • Best Movies and Songs: Make a YouTube that has a list of best movies and songs in different category, for example; List of best animated movies. This type of keywords gets massive search volume.
  • Health and Fitness: Record videos related to health and fitness videos and share it in YouTube, This type of videos get a lot of hits. There are many health and fitness channels making more than $1000 each month.
  • How to Play Games: Don’t be surprised to see this, if you are good at playing games it is the best YouTube video idea for you to make money from YouTube partner program. You just play games and show your skills
  • Recipes: If you can cook this is the best way to make money from YouTube. Record videos when you are cooking and then upload it to YouTube.
  • Travelling Videos: Do you travel a lot? Then this is the best YouTube video idea to earn money from YouTube partner program. You just need to capture your travelling destinations and upload a vides
  • Your Songs: Can you sing well, and then just upload a song that you sing. It is the way to become popular and make some real money through YouTube partner program. Many singers started their career from YouTube albums.
  • Pet Love: If you are good at taking care of animal then, you can make a video about that. There are many people who wish to see such videos, also if you see your pet animals doing some crazy things just record that.
  • Room Tour: You just need to show around your room, that all you need to do. This is the simplest way to make a YouTube video.

Other YouTube Video Ideas

Other best ideas for YouTube videos are,
  • Tell Stories
  • Product Review’s
  • DIY videos
  • A Favorites Video
  • My Opinion video
  • Tips Video
  • Eating Food
  • Favorites Quotes
  • Cute Babies
  • Best Places
  • Haul Videos
  • What I have learned in life
  • Career Guidance
  • Satire against Politicians
  • Magic tricks
These are the top 25 YouTube video ideas to make money from YouTube partner program. I hope you got an idea for making YouTube video from this list. 

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List of Keywords in Python Programming Language

First thing before learning a programming language is to understand the keywords used in that language, like every other programming language python also have some keywords. 

Keywords in Python

Keywords are the reserved words which have specific meaning and those meaning cannot be changed by the user, keywords act as the basic building blocks in a programming language. Statements are needed to perform some tasks in a language.

There are 34 keywords in python 3. Python keywords are case sensitive; all keywords in Python are in lower case except None, False and True.

List of Keywords in Python

The keywords in the python programming language are,

Python keyword Examples

With major python release the keyword list get updated, hence to check what is the change made to keyword list you can just type the given below codes in the python shell and it will display all the keywords.

>>> import keyword
>>> print(keyword.kwlist)
['False', 'None', 'True', 'and', 'as', 'assert', 'break', 'class', 'continue', 'def', 'del', 'elif', 'else', 'except', 'finally', 'for', 'from', 'global', 'if', 'import', 'in', 'is', 'lambda', 'nonlocal', 'not', 'or', 'pass', 'raise', 'return', 'try', 'while', 'with', 'yield']

Now you know ‘how to check the current keywords in python’ next we will be learning the use of each keyword in python

False, True

True and false are two Boolean values, where false says the condition is not true and the true keyword says the condition is true, lets see an example of this two keywords
>>> x = 5
>>> y = 7
>>> x == y
>>> x == 5

In this simple program first we have declared variables x and y and gave them two values 5 and 7 respectively. Then we are checking if x is same as y and it results false, because the value of x is 5 and value of y is 7. Then we checked whether x is equal to 5 then it is a correct condition hence it returned true.


None keyword is used to show check whether the value is Null. This keyword is used represent the absence of a value. Given below is a simple python program to assign value as null and check whether the variable is null.

>>> x = 10
>>> None == x
>>> x = None
>>> None == x

Here first we assign the variable x as 10 and checked whether x is none and result was as expected, False and then we assign null value to x and again we checked whether x is null and this time it prints True

and, or, not

The logical operators in python are and, or, not. These three keywords are also called, logical and, logical or, logical negation. We use the logical operators for comparing two or more conditions together. You might be familiar with truth tables in Boolean algebra that you might have learned in your high school.
Truth table for and
A and B

Python codes to show the truth table for ‘and’

>>> True and False
>>> True and True
>>> False and False
>>> False and True

“Truth table for or”
A or B

Python codes to show the truth table for ‘or’

>>> False or False
>>> True or True
>>> True or False
>>> False or True

“Truth table for not”
Not A

Python codes to show the truth table for ‘not’

>>> not False
>>> not True

 as Keyword

The as keyword is used to create an alternative name while importing a module to the program, the below programs shows how we import a module math and used math to access its function sqrt to find the square root of the number 441, and then we created an alias or alternative name while adding module and from that module we access sqrt() and calculated the square root of 144

>>> import math
>>> math.sqrt(25)
>>> import math as x
>>> x.sqrt(25)


The keyword assert is for checking whether a particular assumption is correct or not, assert is mainly used for debugging the program. Assert helps to find the errors in the program, assert keyword is followed by a condition which is to be checked.
>>> x = 10
>>> y = 10
>>> assert x == y
>>> assert x >10
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "<pyshell#3>", line 1, in <module>
assert x >10
If you wish to know what is the error occurred then you just need to add a single piece of line to above code, here the reason for the error is not told.
>>> assert x>10, "X is not greater than 10"
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "<pyshell#4>", line 1, in <module>
assert x>10, "X is not greater than 10"
AssertionError: X is not greater than 10
Here the user will understand that the error occurred because, x is less than or equal to 10


The break keyword is used in the while loop and for loop to stop the loop and proceed to the very next statement, the below example illustrate the concept of break

>>> for i in range(5,10):


The keyword continue is also used in the looping system, it is used to stop a single iteration in the loop, hence the outcome of that iteration is avoided. An example of this is given below,
for i in range(8,10):if(i==9):continueprint(i)8
Here the value 9 was skipped because we gave a condition when I = 9 then skip that iteration, the word continue here stands for continue the loop but avoid the processing line.


class is the keyword used to create a class in python; class is way to bind data and its associated functions together into a single unit. In an object-oriented programming language, class is one of the major concept. A class is a collection of similar type of objects. The syntax of class is given below,
class class_name:
’class documentation string’
class suite

class example:

>>> class x:
def value(self):
print(‘python class')
>>> a = x
>>> a.value(1)
python class

def keyword

def stands for defining, this keyword is used for defining functions in python programming language, function is a block of code that is dedicated to perform a task, function are created for decreasing the code complexity. The syntax of the defining function is,
def function_name
function suite
return [expression]


del stands for delete and using this keyword we can delete the reference to an object, the below code is used to delete a variable x. del can be used to delete a list, directory, variable etc
>>> x = 5
>>> x
>>> del x
>>> x
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "<pyshell#3>", line 1, in <module>
NameError: name 'x' is not defined

If, else, elif

If, elif and else are used for conditional branching, here we check whether a condition is true then body of if gets executed, if the condition is false then it check another condition in elif and if that is also false, then it execute the else part. Check the given example to learn about if, elif and else.
x = int(10)
if x == 11:
elif x==10:

except, raise, try, finally

Python support exceptions, exceptions are used for telling the user why some kind error has occurred, and this make user to take necessary action. Exceptions are for interactive communication with the user when error occur, while we discussed assert keyword there we showed you, how to let user know the type of error. There are many named exceptions in python like, ValueError, ZeroDivisionError, ImportError, IOError etc
try…except blocks are used for naming an exception and raise is used for raising an exception explicitly. finally is used along with the try..except block and its use is to close up the resource. A simple example of try..except block is given below
print('Mathematical Error!')
Mathematical Error


for is type of looping, where a particular block of code is executed again and again until the condition turns false, here first interpreter checks the condition if it is true then the body of loop gets executed and it checks the condition again and until condition becomes false, an example of for loop is given below
x = int(input('Type a number: '))
if x > 1:
    for i in range(2,x):
            print('Not prime')
Type a number: 3

Import, from

The import keyword is used to import a module into the program, and from is a keyword that is used along with import keyword and it is for specifying what attribute of the module is need for the program.
>>> import math
>>> math.floor(18.57)
When the from keyword is used, then we don’t need to add math.floor anymore, we can simply write floor(), a simple example of from keyword is given below
>>> from math import floor
>>> floor(19.5)


in keyword is used to test whether a particular string, list, tuple contains a particular value, If the test is true it prints true or else false. You can understand about in keyword from the below given example
>>> list('Hello')
['H', 'e', 'l', 'l', 'o']
>>> 'e' in list('Hello')
>>> 'E' in list('Hello')
Here ‘E’ is not equal to ‘e’ that is the reason why the output of first test is true and second is false, in keyword is used in many instances to check condition.


The global keyword is used to declare a variable inside a function as global. The scope of local variables is within that function hence it cant accessed from outside the function, but we can declare a variable as global inside a function using global keyword.
If you want change the value of global variable inside a function, you need to use the global keyword, an example of using global keywords in python is given below.
>>> var = 10
>>> def x():
               var = 15
>>> x()
>>> var
>>> def x():
               global var
               var = 20
>>> x()
>>> var
Here first we declare a variable var and set it to 10 and then we created a function x and there we declare a local variable and set it as 15 and we gave command to print var (local variable) when we call the function x then the output was 15 but when we print value of var still was 10,
In the second function we declare a variable var as global so that we can modify the global variable inside a function and when we call x we get the new assigned value and same is what we gets when we print the global variable var.


is keyword is used for checking the correctness of expressions, the output for the test conducting using is will be always true or false. A simple example of using is keyword is given below
>>> x =5
>>> y = 6
>>> x is y
>>> x is not y


The lambda keyword is used for creating functions that have no name, other peculiarity of this function is that it does not return a value and its an inline, A simple example of inline function is given below.
>>> sum = lambda x,y: x + y
>>> print('x + y = ', sum(5,5))
x + y =  10
Here first we created a inline function where the it receive two arguments and we gave command to return the sum of the arguments and then we call the function by printing it on screen


The keyword pass doesn’t do anything to the program; it acts as a null statement. pass keyword in python is used as a placeholder, that means it is used for keeping the codes that will be written later.  An example is given below to illustrate the concept of pass keyword.
>>> for i in 'New':
               if i == 'e':
                              print ('Place here')
               print ('i = ', i)
i =  N
Place here
i =  e
i =  w


while is a keyword used to create while loop, it is a looping system similar to for loop. while loop works in a different way compared to for loop. First the condition is tested and if the condition is true then the body of loop execute once and then condition is checked again and body gets executed, it continue until the condition becomes false.
>>> x = 1
>>> while x < 11:
               print('x = ',x*x)
               x = x + 1
x =  1
x =  4
x =  9
x =  16
x =  25
x =  36
x =  49
x =  64
x =  81
x =  100

How to Right Click on Mac - A Complete Guide For Mac Beginners

Most Mac beginners find it hard to right click on a Mac; the Mac trackpad doesn’t have a right click button. People who change to Mac from windows feel it uncomfortable on the Mac layout. In windows it is very simple to right click and choose the options, there is special dedicated button for right clicking, but in Mac you will not be able to see such keys on the Mac trackpad. In this post I will be teaching you how to right click on a Mac, a complete tutorial for beginners.

right click on mac
Right Click on writer

How to right click on a Mac” is one of the most frequently asked doubts by the new Mac users. There are 3 different ways to right click on a Mac.

How to Right Click on a Mac

Now let’s explore how each method works in order to right click on a Mac, the first method is the most used way to right click on Mac. Many users raised their voice for the need of two-button mouse and today it is available. The Mac mouse with two-buttons is called “Mighty Mouse”

Method 1: Pressing the Control key with a Click

The popular way to right click on a Mac is by simply pressing the control key when you are pressing the mouse button or the trackpad. It is all you need to right click on the Mac operating system. There are two control keys available in the Mac keyboard, one at the left hand side and other at the right hand side.
Control Key (or Ctrl) + Click = Right Click

Method 2: Using Two Fingers on a trackpad

The second way/method to right click on a Mac is by using your two fingers on a trackpad at a time. This property of Mac trackpad is called multitouch. Using this method is considered easier because, you don’t need to press on the control key with a click for using this; you just need to use two fingers on the trackpad. Sometimes this trick won’t work in your system then you need to enable it from system preferences
In order to enable multitouch trackpad feature you need to click the apple icon that can be seen in the top left of the Mac screen and then choose system preferences and then click on the trackpad and then select “click or tap with two fingers” option and then you will be able to use two fingers on your trackpad, there many other options available at this place.

Method 3: Tap the corner of the trackpad

If you don’t wish to right click on a Mac in the above given ways, you can adopt this method to right click on a Mac. In this method you just need to click on the corner side of the trackpad. You need to configure this option from the system preferences and for that you need to open system preference and this time you need to choose the option that says “click in bottom right corner” or “click in bottom left corner”

How to right click with a Mac Mouse

I have already told you that there is a special type of mouse with right-click button and I have told its name is mighty mouse. If you have an apple magic mouse then you can set the preference of right-click from system preferences and the apple magic mouse (or Mac mouse) works in the same multitouch gestures like the trackpad.

Mighty mouse right click on mac
Mighty Mouse

I hope now you have understood how to right click on a Mac and how you can right-click with a Mac mouse. You can ask your doubts, add suggestions, for that you can use the below comment for that.

How to Download Youtube Videos Or Music Without Any Software

Do you wish to download Youtube videos or music, and then this guide will help you. In this post I have written a tutorial on how to download Youtube Videos or Music without any software. Yes, you heard it right you can download Youtube videos without any software and this trick is working on Mac, iphone, windows, Android or in any platform.


You can covert Youtube videos to Mp4 easily using this trick. You can extract the music from any Youtube video and download only the music. Think that you heard a nice music from a Youtube video and you wish to download that music, this tutorial will help you to download that music alone in Mp3 format.

Why you should Download Youtube Videos or Music

You should download Youtube videos or songs due to three main reasons they are,
  • Data is Lost: Each time when you watch Youtube video online, you loose data. Downloading is better that you can watch it again and again without any data loss
  •  No Consistency: You should download Youtube videos, there is a chance that the Video uploader may remove the video at any time
  • Easiness: Each time when you wish to see a particular video, you don’t need to visit Youtube, simply play it from your hard disk.

How to Download Youtube Videos

You just need to do as I tell you, to download Youtube videos; there are only 3 steps involving in this trick to download Youtube videos and save it in your hard disk,

how to download youtube videos

  • Visit Youtube and then select the video to download
  • After the video start playing, click on the URL tab at the top, and type SS before the address of your Youtube video. Then click Enter, the page will be redirected to another website
  • You will be able to download the section that says to download video. Click on it and the download will begin.

How to Download Youtube Music

You can download music from Youtube easily for that follow the steps,

how to download youtube music

  • Select a Music video from Youtube to download
  • Copy the URL of that Video and Visit and then Paste the URL into a box says to Type the URL
  • The Download links will be appeared and then, choose MP3 and download will begin. If you wish to download music fro Youtube as video file choose the MP4 version and then it will be downloading.

How to Download a Youtube Playlist

Youtube playlist are very popular, most people use playlists to upload the video due to its easiness.  Most people upload the tutorial type videos as playlists; you can download the entire playlists easily by following these simple steps

how to download youtube playlist

  • Choose the playlist that you want to download, When I mean play list not a single video of playlist (No video should be playing)
  • Then Type SS before of the playlist address and then type Enter, you will taken to a new website
  •  Now you will be able to see all the videos in the play list, all you have to do is to click the download button
This is how to download Youtube videos or music without any software.  I hope you are all cleared about downloading Youtube videos, music and playlist without any software