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How to Right Click on Mac - A Complete Guide For Mac Beginners

Most Mac beginners find it hard to right click on a Mac; the Mac trackpad doesn’t have a right click button. People who change to Mac from windows feel it uncomfortable on the Mac layout. In windows it is very simple to right click and choose the options, there is special dedicated button for right clicking, but in Mac you will not be able to see such keys on the Mac trackpad. In this post I will be teaching you how to right click on a Mac, a complete tutorial for beginners.

right click on mac
Right Click on writer

How to right click on a Mac” is one of the most frequently asked doubts by the new Mac users. There are 3 different ways to right click on a Mac.

How to Right Click on a Mac

Now let’s explore how each method works in order to right click on a Mac, the first method is the most used way to right click on Mac. Many users raised their voice for the need of two-button mouse and today it is available. The Mac mouse with two-buttons is called “Mighty Mouse”

Method 1: Pressing the Control key with a Click

The popular way to right click on a Mac is by simply pressing the control key when you are pressing the mouse button or the trackpad. It is all you need to right click on the Mac operating system. There are two control keys available in the Mac keyboard, one at the left hand side and other at the right hand side.
Control Key (or Ctrl) + Click = Right Click

Method 2: Using Two Fingers on a trackpad

The second way/method to right click on a Mac is by using your two fingers on a trackpad at a time. This property of Mac trackpad is called multitouch. Using this method is considered easier because, you don’t need to press on the control key with a click for using this; you just need to use two fingers on the trackpad. Sometimes this trick won’t work in your system then you need to enable it from system preferences
In order to enable multitouch trackpad feature you need to click the apple icon that can be seen in the top left of the Mac screen and then choose system preferences and then click on the trackpad and then select “click or tap with two fingers” option and then you will be able to use two fingers on your trackpad, there many other options available at this place.

Method 3: Tap the corner of the trackpad

If you don’t wish to right click on a Mac in the above given ways, you can adopt this method to right click on a Mac. In this method you just need to click on the corner side of the trackpad. You need to configure this option from the system preferences and for that you need to open system preference and this time you need to choose the option that says “click in bottom right corner” or “click in bottom left corner”

How to right click with a Mac Mouse

I have already told you that there is a special type of mouse with right-click button and I have told its name is mighty mouse. If you have an apple magic mouse then you can set the preference of right-click from system preferences and the apple magic mouse (or Mac mouse) works in the same multitouch gestures like the trackpad.

Mighty mouse right click on mac
Mighty Mouse

I hope now you have understood how to right click on a Mac and how you can right-click with a Mac mouse. You can ask your doubts, add suggestions, for that you can use the below comment for that.

How to Download Youtube Videos Or Music Without Any Software

Do you wish to download Youtube videos or music, and then this guide will help you. In this post I have written a tutorial on how to download Youtube Videos or Music without any software. Yes, you heard it right you can download Youtube videos without any software and this trick is working on Mac, iphone, windows, Android or in any platform.


You can covert Youtube videos to Mp4 easily using this trick. You can extract the music from any Youtube video and download only the music. Think that you heard a nice music from a Youtube video and you wish to download that music, this tutorial will help you to download that music alone in Mp3 format.

Why you should Download Youtube Videos or Music

You should download Youtube videos or songs due to three main reasons they are,
  • Data is Lost: Each time when you watch Youtube video online, you loose data. Downloading is better that you can watch it again and again without any data loss
  •  No Consistency: You should download Youtube videos, there is a chance that the Video uploader may remove the video at any time
  • Easiness: Each time when you wish to see a particular video, you don’t need to visit Youtube, simply play it from your hard disk.

How to Download Youtube Videos

You just need to do as I tell you, to download Youtube videos; there are only 3 steps involving in this trick to download Youtube videos and save it in your hard disk,

how to download youtube videos

  • Visit Youtube and then select the video to download
  • After the video start playing, click on the URL tab at the top, and type SS before the address of your Youtube video. Then click Enter, the page will be redirected to another website
  • You will be able to download the section that says to download video. Click on it and the download will begin.

How to Download Youtube Music

You can download music from Youtube easily for that follow the steps,

how to download youtube music

  • Select a Music video from Youtube to download
  • Copy the URL of that Video and Visit and then Paste the URL into a box says to Type the URL
  • The Download links will be appeared and then, choose MP3 and download will begin. If you wish to download music fro Youtube as video file choose the MP4 version and then it will be downloading.

How to Download a Youtube Playlist

Youtube playlist are very popular, most people use playlists to upload the video due to its easiness.  Most people upload the tutorial type videos as playlists; you can download the entire playlists easily by following these simple steps

how to download youtube playlist

  • Choose the playlist that you want to download, When I mean play list not a single video of playlist (No video should be playing)
  • Then Type SS before of the playlist address and then type Enter, you will taken to a new website
  •  Now you will be able to see all the videos in the play list, all you have to do is to click the download button
This is how to download Youtube videos or music without any software.  I hope you are all cleared about downloading Youtube videos, music and playlist without any software

How to Reset an iPod Touch, iPod Classic or iPod Nano

How to reset an iPod is one of the most common questions asked by beginner iPod users. There are many iPod users who don’t know how to unfreeze or reset an iPod. In this post I have written a detailed guide on how you can reset your iPod touch, iPod classic or iPod Nano. Most steps that I have described here will work perfectly in most of the iPod devices.
It really annoys when you are playing some music on your iPod and suddenly it gets hang and you are unable to reset by pressing the power button, I have written some ways to reset your iPod and then enjoy your music

How to reset an iPod Touch

Resetting an iPod touch is very simple task; there are only two buttons on an iPod touch hence resetting process become much simpler. If your iPod touch become hang and you cant restart your iPod by pressing the Sleep/wake button then you just need to follow the below given steps,

ipod touch

At first Press and hold the sleep button and the home button at the same time and then you will be able to see the apple logo on the screen and then stop pressing these buttons. Then your iPod touch will turn off completely and you can press on the sleep/wake button to restart the iPod touch. While clicking the sleep/wake button and Home button you would need to hold it for approximately 10s.

How to reset iPod Nano (1-5 generations) and iPod Classic

When your iPod Nano is not responding to the commands/pressings then, you need to reset it. Today there we have 7 generations of iPod Nano, this mentioned trick is for iPod Nano’s that belong to 1-5 generations. You can reset iPod mini using this same step, if you are having trouble with your iPod mini

ipod nano 1st

First you need to toggle the hold switch on and off, that means first turn it on and then off it using the switch, and then press and hold the menu and select buttons till the apple logo appear on the screen and then its done.
You can reset your iPod classic by using this steps itself and you don’t need to do anything else than the above mentioned to unfreeze or reset iPad classic

How to reset iPod Nano (6th and 7th Generation)

I have already told you how you can reset an iPod nano for the 1-5 generation and now let’s see how to reset iPod nano of 6th and 7th generations.

ipod naono 7th generation
ipod nano 7th generation

The iPod 6th generation is entirely different from the earlier generations of iPod and in the 6th generation you can reset iPod nano by following the below steps. First press and hold the sleep button along with the volume down button, you will need to hold these both buttons for approximately 10s and then, apple logo will be appeared on the screen. Note that if your iPod is not changing from the dark screen then charge it before
7th generation of iPod can be reset by pressing and holding the sleep button for 10s and then your screen goes dark, and after a few seconds apple logo will be appeared on the screen
I hope that you understood how to reset iPod touch, iPod classic or iPod nano

How to Create and Verify PayPal Account in India

PayPal is one of the most popular services to send and receive money online. PayPal is the most trusted internet companies. In this post I have written a How to create and verify PayPal account in India
If you wish to make money online you need PayPal account. Most sites to make money online pay their user’s using PayPal. If you are a blogger, then PayPal account is a must to earn money from your blog. You can shop online using PayPal account

What is PayPal?

PayPal is just like an online bank that can be used to send and receive money online. PayPal was founded on 1998; its headquarters is in California. This is one of the most branded online companies. There are more than 15,500 employees in PayPal now.
PayPal is a child company of the ecommerce giant eBay. There are more than 173 million users in the PayPal. Online job sites usually pay their users using PayPal and it is globally recognized company with high reputation.
If you wish to sell your products online then PayPal account is a must, even though there are many payment gateways PayPal leads the race.

How to Create a PayPal Account in India

You need to have the following things at first before you create a PayPal account,

  • Bank account: Most of the popular banks in India are supported to create PayPal account, hence if your bank is nationalized it will be accepted in the PayPal. You need to create a ATM card for your bank account
  • Pan Card: Pan Card is the Permanent Account Number. You can create pan card online from and it takes about a month to reach your home
  • Email Account: You need to have a email account, I prefer Gmail
These are the three Things that you need to create a fully verified PayPal account.

How to Create and Verify PayPal Account in India

Follow these steps to create a PayPal account in India,
  • Visit and then click signup for a new account
  • Select your nationality, Type of account, PayPal offer personal and business account. Use business account only if you own a company.
  • Fill the forms with extreme care, Fill data such as your name, email address etc. Always remember to give the full name that is given in your bank account.
  • Check the email and conform the mail address, these shows that your email address is connected to your PayPal account; in PayPal email address is very important. It acts as the Account number in your bank.
  • Login to your PayPal account with the email address and password, then you will be asked to fill your bank account number and PAN card ID (Given in the PAN card)
  • Now PayPal will conform that you entered the bank account correctly and is your PayPal account able to receive Payments, for this they will sent two amount which are between 1 rupee and 2 rupee to your bank account and within 3-7 working days
  • When the amounts are received, then check the amounts and then enter it into your PayPal accounts under the verify bank account.
  • After this your account is fully verified, that is verified email, verified bank account and verified PAN card. This way your PayPal account can be easily created and verified
  • Now that your account is verified, add money using your Debut card and then shop anything online.
This is how to create and verify a PayPal account in India. I hope everyone understood the procedure to create PayPal account in India. If you have any trouble then simply comment below or just call to PayPal customer care, the toll free PayPal India customer care number is, 1800-2123-852
This is the way to create a fully verified PayPal account in India for free. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and comment your doubts below.

How to Record Audio on Your Mac Using QuickTime Player

Do you want to learn how to record audio on Mac? If yes then this post is the answer for it. In this post I have written a complete guide on how you can record or capture sound in your Mac using Quick Time. You don’t need a third party app to record sound on Mac; you just need to use the QuickTime app, which comes in default with your Mac OS X
QuickTime is generally used as an application to watch videos on your Mac, and most beginner Mac users finds it hard to believe. QuickTime app is way too powerful than you thing it is not only an application to watch movies, but also a medium to capture or record audio on your Mac. The QuickTime app can be used to capture the audio that you pass through a microphone.
The audio recorded using the QuickTime application is in the m4a format and it is the perfect file extension for recording your voice to Mac. If you are planning to make a Youtube video, then I recommend going with this could help.

How to Record Audio on Mac Using QuickTime Player

You have understood that you can record sound on Mac using QuickTime player, now let’s learn how to record audio using QuickTime player. You can record both external and internal sounds; internal means sound produced for certain system operations and external means the sound that we pass to Mac using the microphone. To understand the procedure of capturing your voice on Mac, follow the below given step-by-step instructions that you must follow

Step 1: You need open the QuickTime player from Applications folder

Step 2: From the “File” menu choose the “New Audio Recording” option and click the Red button to start recording audio from your microphone.

Step 3: Record the sound that you wish and when you are over with it then press the red button again it will stop the recording

Step 4: Go to “File” menu and click “save” and then it will display a dialog box that asks you to choose the path where you wish to save and give it a name.

The saved file will be in the m4a format, hence you don’t to convert into a different format and this kind of files can be played in any kind of device like iPhone, windows computer, Android phone or iPad. You can record any kind of audio using QuickTime app and there is also lot of third party applications dedicated for capturing sounds on your Mac.

Best Audio Editors for Mac OS X

QuickTime player doesn’t have many features on editing the created audio, for this you can relay on third part software like audacity, where there are tons of options to record and edit audio. The list of best audio editing apps available for Mac users are,
  • Audacity: Free audio editor for Mac users, The editor supports; .WAV, .MP2, .AIFF ,OGG, .MP3, and .FLAC
  • WavePad: This is also a free audio editor that you can try for improving the quality of your audio. It support the following formats .WAV, .MP3, .MP4, .WMA, .AAC, .FLAC etc
  • TwistedWave Lite: This is a paid audio editor with high quality audio recording features and it can be bought for $19.99 there are many advanced recording and editing features for this inexpensive application.
I hope you are clear with how to record audio on Mac, record you voice and edit it and enjoy, and don’t forget to share the post.